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Royal Wedding

Many underestimate the planning of a wedding. From the moment the question of all questions is asked and answered with a "YES", it is considered and planned how the flowers should look, how the cake should taste and how the wedding dress should feel.

A wedding consists of very many personal moments, details that reflect the bride and groom.

Experience your wedding celebration carefree and enjoy every moment before, during and after your wedding with your loved ones.

You can be confident that everything will be coordinated, the schedule will be respected and no unexpected complications will be visible.

First class service

We guarantee you a royal service for all your celebrations

Location scouting

Exclusive Concept - Creation 

Design and process - creation

Complete organization

Budget and cost monitoring

Day of wedding coordination

Recommendation of service vendors

Monitoring & Communication 

Guest management 

And more...

Contact us for a detailed list of services. 



Telephone inquiries:

+43 676 750 3336

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